A Personalised “Welcome” to University


That Personal Touch

Following changes in university fees, clearing has become a highly competitive market, with power now in the students’ hands. A good clearing campaign is vital for universities in persuading students to select them as their first choice institute.

As part of University of Birmingham’s clearing campaign, we were commissioned to build a personalised video campaign.

We liaised with marketing and video teams at the university to draw up a plan for the video and how we could personalise certain elements.

We were issued with an edited video by the university’s media centre. We then added the magic, including three personalised elements which would feature the student’s name, in various styles.

From a spreadsheet which included the names of every offer-holder, we began the render process. Each name on the list was exported as an individual video, and these were uploaded to a Content Delivery Network or CDN for short.

We built a university branded video player which sat within the main site. Unique links assigned to each video were then emailed out to every offer holder, via the university’s CRM system, Hobsons. Clicking the link would take the applicant to the video player where they could view their personalised video, share it via social networks and download it.

The CDN played an important role in creating a seamless user experience. For those of you who don’t know, a CDN is essentially a network of servers based across the globe. Each video is stored at all locations. The advantage of this is that once a user clicks, the video will load from the server located closest to them, decreasing load times hugely. With a bit of jiggery pokery at our end, it has the added benefit of bypassing China’s Firewall, meaning there are no drop-outs, even for international students.

The Feedback

The campaign was a huge success. We were able to track social interaction through the use of a hashtag. Hundreds of students took to twitter and facebook to show off their personalised video. A few of the tweets are featured below.

The campaign was such a success that the university commissioned us for a second video which has been released in batches since November. In total, we’ve now sent out over 40,000 personalised videos.