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Birmingham Conservatoire - A New Home

Jan/Feb Higher Education News Round-up

The first few months of 2015 have seen some super interesting announcements in Higher Education. These are our favourites…

  1. UCAS opening the doors to european universities – for a rumoured £25,000 set-up fee!
  2. Women are one-third more likely to go to university. The growing gender gap and other interesting facts can be found in this THE article by Danny Dorling.
  3. Birmingham Conservatoire gets a new home.
  4. And whilst we’re talking about new campuses, Campus Heart at Teeside looks pretty cool!
  5. Warwick University announces plans to add a Californian campus! Perhaps what’s most interesting about this is how a place-name transcends geographical boundaries. At what point do universities become international brands?

Here’s a nice video from Teeside about their new campus:

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In other news

Not university related, but fun for those interested with digital.

Ever tried taking a panorama on your iPhone whilst rolling down a hill? This is what it looks like…

I’d like to work with Glasgow uni, just because it looks a little bit like Hogwarts!

If you’re working with digital and want a nice little read on UX, Mailchimp, are now giving away their book on this for free!

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