Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus is a powerful student recruitment tool – a web-based platform for universities to run online open days.

Aimed at potential students that can’t attend real-life open days (including international territories), Virtual Campus has a proven track record of increasing University application rates.

Your Virtual Campus can be ready in just 5 working days.

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Personalised Video

Personalised video makes potential students feel special. Send a Personalised Video out at the right time, and you’ll recruit more students than you can shake stick at.

We’ve invested in an infrastructure to deliver at scale. So far, we’ve delivered over 60,000 and counting.

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Increase your department efficiency and guarantee on-brand, pixel perfect email comms in under 5 minutes.

Mailbuilder makes creating HTML emails more efficient by 700%. How? Simple – it enables staff to quickly create and edit branded email campaigns without ever touching HTML code. Our point-and-click interface make other systems look like brain surgery by comparison.

Mailbuilder guarantees on-brand, pixel perfect email comms in under 5 minutes. It even strips pesky Microsoft Word tags on paste. And it’s compatible with your CRM or email campaign software!

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Digital Communications for Universities - Realising Your Growth Ambitions

SMILE specialise in digital communications that help universities reach their growth ambitions by developing online communication strategies and making them happen.

Perhaps you already have a vision, or an idea for a campaign but you don’t have the know-how to deliver it. Convinced that there must be a better automated way to work faster and more efficiently? We can help.

We design and develop solutions that will keep you at the forefront of digital marketing. Our objective is to get you there first with a solution your competitors will envy.

These projects take different shapes and sizes, but can include:

Research, Consultancy and Audits
Validate market assumptions, identify cost savings and interpret data in meaningful ways.

Workshops, Hack Days and Presentations
Break down the barriers and collaborate with your colleagues (if only for a few hours) to develop a pioneering idea.

Bespoke Design and Web Development
Fast delivery, high quality, on-budget, robust performance websites and web-apps.

Sue working hard at SMILE