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A SMILE workshop taking place at DanceXchange

SMILE to Create a New Digital Vision for DanceXchange

DanceXchange, who are a nationally leading dance company, have chosen to appoint SMILE as their digital partner. Throughout the competitive pitch process, DanceXchange were impressed with our specialism and track record in digital communications for the education and arts sector. DanceXchange are part of the largest dance partnership in Britain and co-produce the internationally renowned IDFB – one of the largest dance festivals in the world.

Exposing the remaining 90% of DanceXchange

Throughout our pitch process we pushed the notion of “the 90%”. We’ve been using the popular analogy of an iceberg. 90% of an iceberg’s volume is under the waterline so you can only see the top 10%. We believe that DanceXchange promotes only 10% of their output and we intend to expose the 90%.

Creative Workshops

We’ve been working with the entire team over at DanceXchange to look at a new direction for the organisation through a series of creative workshops. Everyone has been incredibly positive about the process and the ideas and philosophies that we’ve presented.

We’re really excited to work with DanceXchange and can’t wait to present our new vision for this incredible company.

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