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Today we’re launching a new experiment: Edulab, a website where you can submit a link to a piece of work that you like, or are proud of and get feedback from your peers. No esteemed judges, no pay-to-play sponsors – just other experts, like you. We want to create a showcase of university and college marketing thats authentically owned by the community.

We made Edulab to scratch an itch. Apart from a few big award ceremonies a year, there’s just not really a place to share your work with a relevant audience. It’s super-nice we know, but even so, we’re surprised at how few places there are to get this sort of content without having to pay big-buck subscription fees.

Submitting takes just a few minutes. And once live it’s ready to be upvoted by other marketing professionals. We’re reaching out to some leading voices in the sector to add editor’s notes on some of the best submissions. For those with a particularly engaging narrative, we’ll even turn it into a web-story. “Tigers Supports Tigers” is an example of the type of content we want to curate.

You can register for an account, giving you the power to upvote, but also to keep a collection of bookmarks. All your favourite campaigns and links, all in one place.

Everything is done anonymously to the public and it’s completely free in its beta period.

We’ve got ideas for future releases: Curated collections and anonymous forums (to name a few) but we’d love to know if you think it’s got legs before we take it any further. We’d love to be able to provide email round-ups each month of the most upvoted submissions creating mini-awards every month. Maybe even at the end of the year we could have an overall leaderboard?!

Ready to read about what your peers are up to? Or maybe you’ve got a project you’d like to share? Edulab awaits.

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Nathan Monk

I'm proud to work for some of the world’s most influential brands that shape cities and define lives: Universities and colleges.

I provide advice to forward-thinking senior leaders on how to exceed their organisational targets by creating user-focused, digital-first strategies.