How to Create a Twitter API Client

If you want to pull in data from Twitter, you’ll need to create an “API Client”. This is an authorisation protocol, that allows Virtual Campus to talk to your Twitter account on your behalf.

To do this, visit

Make sure that you are logged in under the university Twitter account.

Then click on “Create New App”.

You’ll come to a page called “Create an application”. On this page is a form, fill it out with the following values:

Name Virtual Campus
Description This connects Virtual Campus to the university twitter account
Website [your custom domain] OR http://[universityname]
Callback URL Leave blank
Developer Agreement Tick “Yes, I agree”

Once you create this twitter application you will be presented with some “Application Settings”. You will need to click on the tab called “Keys and Access Tokens” for the next step.

Please send us your consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret: to

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