How to Create an Instagram API Client

Note: We will require to login your instagram account to authorise posting. We can undertake the folloing instructions on your behalf if you would prefer. Please send us your username and password. We suggest that you change your password temporarily for the purposes of us logging in. Once we have completed this task, we’ll let you know and you can change the password back.

If you want to pull in data from Instagram, you’ll need to create an “API Client”. This is an authorisation protocol, that allows Virtual Campus to talk to your Instagram account on your behalf.

To do this, visit

Make sure that you are logged in under the university Instagram account.

Then click on “Register a New Client”.

You will be presented with a page called “Register new Client ID” – so far so good. On this page is a form, fill it out with the following values:

Application Name Virtual Campus
Description This connects Virtual Campus to the university instagram account
Website [your custom domain] OR http://[universityname]
OAuth redirect_uri [website]/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=instagrabber_redirect_uri
Disable implicit OAuth Tick
Enforce signed header Unticked

Once you register this client you will be presented with some “Client Info”.

Please send us your Client ID and Client Secret to

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