Virtual Campus Quickstart guide for Q&A Moderators

If you’ve been tasked to help answer some questions on a live open day, this guide will get you ready to rock.

First of all you need to log in. Go to your virtual campus login page, and enter your credentials. They should have been emailed to you, but if you’ve forgotten, then we have a guide for that too.

Once you’re logged in you should hit a dashboard with a left hand menu sidebar. In that sidebar there should be “Q&As” – click that and you’ll be taken to a list. As new questions are asked, you’ll be alerted at the top of the screen. Refresh to see the new questions/comments.

When you hover over a question title, a menu will appear underneath. One of these options is “Edit”. Clicking this will take you to the question edit screen.

Once at the edit screen, simply fill out the empty forms, and then hit publish on the right hand side (towards the top). Once this happens, your message is instantly live to your users.

If you want to enable multi-treaded responses, you should take a look at our guide on this.

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