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Streamlining Microsite Management with Edupack

This event has been postponed.

Find out how we’re changing microsites from a necessary evil, to a playground of opportunity. It takes universities an average of 2 months, and £10k to get a microsite live. Surely in 2021, it should be easy to start a site in a few minutes?

And that’s just one example of the frustrations universities have. There are so many niche problems that today’s cohort of CMSes don’t address for universities and colleges. In this webinar, we’ll hear from university staff about their problems with time, resource, and finance. We’ll show you what we’ve been building (Edupack) and how it will solve the common headaches that you are facing.

We will be streaming on Linkedin Live and YouTube Live, date TBC

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Perfect for those in:

  • Marketing and Executives
    Learn how you could create sites in seconds, with peace of mind over branding and compliance.
  • IT and System Administration
    Find out how to reclaim tons of time, by managing and reporting on thousands of sites with smarter tooling.
  • Academics
    Frustrated getting a website online? We’re changing that. Come and find out how.

Guest Speaker:

Photo of guest speaker, Blake Bertuccelli

Blake Bertuccelli

Blake Bertuccelli leads digital projects for corporations, motion pictures, non-profits, universities, and government groups. A graduate of Tulane University, Blake is also Founder of a web development firm, Decubing Web Services, and of Lowling Company, a New Orleans-based creative agency. He recently co-founded “Edupack,” an initiative to automate Higher Ed website publishing.