Event Population

The final step in getting your Hijack(s) online is to populate with all of your wonderful content.

We understand that running online events will often be an addition to your normal workloads. Whilst we’ve made every effort to ensure setting up a Hijack is a smooth and seamless affair, the process still requires some effort and attention.

Colleges and universities often don’t struggle with a lack of content. Hijack was built to allow you to take advantage of the assets you already have available. The best Hijacks are a combination of content such as image galleries, interviews, 360 content, b-roll video, testimonials, case studies and more. 

SMILE’s creative services team can help with gathering content including:

  • Event Introductions
  • Images
  • Staff Profiles
  • News and Stories
  • Contact Details
  • Alumni success stories
  • Locations

The best Hijacks are packed with images and videos. We know this can be a daunting idea… but it needn’t be! We can help with:

  • Gathering existing content
  • Re-cutting existing B-roll video content
  • Re-cutting existing interview video content
  • Adding spotlight content to videos

The Hijack video player can accommodate high quality video up to 5K. However, high quality videos are expensive in terms of their server strain. As part of our Event population package, you get access to SMILE’s Content Delivery Network. We have invested heavily into the set up of our CDN. Using a global network of servers, the CDN improves performance by delivering resource-heavy content from the server located closest to the user.

Updated on January 18, 2021

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