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In order to feature Courses as part of your Hijacks, you first need to build a database of Course entries which can be ‘pulled’ into your individual events as and when required. The two main advantages of this are:

  1. Featuring Courses within a Hijack will eventually be as easy as selecting the name of a course in a dropdown list on its configuration page. See this tutorial for more information.
  2. Once a Course entry has been saved, it can be reused as many times as you like in as many different Hijacks as you like, potentially saving you and your team hours of needless extra work!


Click on ‘Courses’ in the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard in order to list your database of Courses. Click ‘Add New’ to make a new entry.

You will be presented with what is essentially an empty form with a number of standard fields fill out. Use the ‘Add Title’ field to name your course. The rest of the fields should be self-explanatory. You can add as many of these as you like with as much information as you see fit, including a description of the course, the award type, Course Code and even a URL directing prospective students to a course page on your main website.

Once you have finished the entry, be sure to click the blue ‘Publish’ button on the right hand side of the screen in order to save the course into your database.

Next step…

Your course is now ready to feature as part of your live events! Please see this follow-on guide for more help featuring Courses in Hijack.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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