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Adding a Chat Service to Your Website

Live chat services are an increasingly popular way to engage with your website visitors in real time.

We recommend adding your chosen chat service via Google Tag Manager (GTM). Not only does GTM give you more control, it also allows you to add (or change) the service without any development time from SMILE.

Adding chat via GTM is a simple process:

  • Log into your GTM container and create a new custom HTML tag
choose 'Custom HTML' for your tag type
  • Paste the Javascript code from the chat provider into the body of the tag
  • Set the trigger (‘All pages’ is a good option)
  • Save your tag and submit your changes

Your chat service should be live almost instantly.

With GTM, you can change, pause or remove your live chat tag at any time, giving you much better control over how chat runs on your site.

Updated on February 18, 2021

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