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Things to consider when leaving HappyPress

In moving provider there are some things you will lose in addition to the obvious changes in responsibility for hosting:

  • You will lose access to SMILE support (and the associated SLA) for advice or help with your website. These channels include:
    • Live Chat
    • Email Ticketed Service Desk
    • SMS
    • Telephone support
  • Your website will no longer be maintained by SMILE
    • Your WordPress instance will not be updated by SMILE.
    • Your Theme will not be updated for compatibility with WordPress updates.
    • Plugins will not be updated by SMILE.
    • Security issues will not be resolved by SMILE – you will be responsible for your site security.
    • Future deployments maybe trickier, and less automated.
    • SMILE will have limited capacity to optimise performance of your site, as the infrastructure will be out of our control.
  • You should consider your site’s Plugins
    • Any premium plugin licences will need to be sought by the new provider.
    • You will not receive updates to SMILE plugins.
    • You will need to source a new email provider so that your emails will send as a verified sender. As a HappyPress subscriber you benefit from underlying services such as AWS SES.
    • You will not benefit from HappyPress enhancements added via MU Plugins
  • You will lose discounts on other SMILE Services, like 5% off Evolve costs

Customers that self-host often make up for these losses by adding hours onto an associated Evolve plan.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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