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How to prepare a successful Merge Request

If you have Git Mirroring enabled on your HappyPress subscription, then you can submit your own code for review. When successful, your code will be deployed to the production servers.

This article outlines what you should do to create a Merge Request that we will accept. We’re here to maintain a repo that will cause the website the least issues moving forwards.

  1. Update the Changelog and Theme Stylesheet – we use Semantic Versioning and your updates should provide a clear description of your changes. Newly created classes and functions should be correctly documented.
  2. Make sure your code aheres to our outlined coding standards – all of the tests can be run locally and information can be found in package.json
  3. Your changes will not be supported by us moving forwards, so make sure that your changes stand alone and are resistant to future changes. A basic example would be not to hard code values as these will likely change moving forwards.
  4. Issue your merge request into the upstream production branch, NOT your forked version.

Our team may also suggest changes to your code that would make it fall in line with our high standards. Whilst these may not fail the review, it is suggested that you make these changes.

Updated on October 18, 2022

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