Code Quality Standards

If you have Git Mirroring enabled on your HappyPress subscription, then you’ll be able to submit your own code for review and, ultimately, deployment.

For Gitlab users: You should ensure that your Gitlab repository is configured to automatically run our tests when you commit to a merge request. To do this, you can add our public test Gitlab CI file to your repo. You do this by going to the repo’s Settings > CI/CD, and under “CI/CD configuration file” add theme-test.yml@wearesmile/operations/infrastructure/git-mirroring-ci

We run automated testing to check your code quality upon a Merge Request (MR). If your MR fails these tests, it will be rejected.

TestWhat is it tested with?Config file
Code Qualityphp_codesniffer (including WordPress Coding Standards)codesniffer.ruleset.xml
SCSSStyle Lint.stylelintrc

For further information, you should always check your theme’s readme file.

Updated on August 3, 2022

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