What is Git Mirroring?

Git Mirroring is an additional service offered by HappyPress allowing you to contribute external changes to your website, with deployment support from SMILE’s engineers. You can add this service to your subscription at any time.

Who is it for?

Git Mirroring is perfect for fledgling technical teams or those working with multi-vendor chains. It provides peace of mind that external code meets high quality standards.

How does it work?

Your website is deployed to HappyPress using GitLab CI. The Git Repo is maintained by us. Git Mirroring comprises creating a ‘mirror’ of that repo. Once set-up, you can make changes in a new branch, and then issue those in a Merge Request back into the origin repo.

At that point, automated tests will run on your code, and HappyPress engineers will review your code for compliance and quality.

If your code fails a review, we will work with you to remediate your code until it is production-ready.

Anything else to know?

  • Any changes that are submitted will need to update the theme version and changelog in line with Semantic Versioning.
  • Any issues resulting from changes submitted via Git Mirroring are the responsibility of the author, and are not supported by HappyPress.
Updated on July 27, 2022

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