What is HappyPress?

HappyPress is a managed WordPress subscription service. It includes hosting, server and WordPress maintenance and updates, and CMS administrator support.

We’ve always said that hosting can’t be separated from support or maintenance. It’s a domino effect when one of these falls over. So for years we’ve sold them as a package.

But since 2015, we’ve been refining our approach specifically to enterprise WordPress.

We’ve built on this by offering supplementary benefits and connected services to our customers, and wrapped it all up under the SMILE sub-brand: HappyPress. HappyPress subscribers are also eligible for exclusive discounts for other SMILE products and services.

Using a subscription model, we’ve enabled our customers to build their own packages, specifying the services and products that they need, and never paying for the stuff they don’t!

Updated on October 6, 2020

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