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What is a Customer Success Manager?

The customer experience is central to the success of SMILE. We succeed, when they succeed. And that experience doesn’t stop once we’ve closed a deal, or won a project.

We must continue to demonstrate to our clients, that our products and services are valuable. Whether we succeed or fail is determined by the customer relationships that we build.

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) helps our customers progress from the sales process to active SMILE clients.

They are focused on building long-term client relationships and build customer loyalty, frequently working with the same customers for as long as they continue to work with SMILE. Customer Success Managers are proficient with our tools and services and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty where required.

SMILE CSMs will:

  • Listen to our clients and provide feedback to our internal team on how we can improve.
  • Actively suggest new tools and innovative approaches to keep our clients competitive.
  • Help our clients to use our services and tools, and fill the knowledge gaps, in language that clients understand.

Customer support representatives deal with problems as they occur, whereas CSMs work to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. This is the key difference from customer support. That said, they maintain a high-level view of the support process in order to learn how to fundamentally improve our services. In that respect a CSM serve as a link between sales and customer service.

Updated on April 1, 2022

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