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Scheduling Evolve tasks


As an Evolve customer, your work scheduled through Evolve will be costed in terms of hours. You have a set number of hours to use on tasks per month, dictated by your subscription.

Your subscription includes a 1 hour scheduling meeting with your Account Manager each month. This normally occurs during the week preceding the start of a calendar month.

When will my tasks be scheduled for?

Whenever you like! This is what the monthly call with your Account Manager is geared towards. By this point, all task requests should have an hours estimate attached and we can work with you to programme tasks into your monthly road map. Evolve affords you the vision to estimate a whole bunch of tasks and then plot them out for months into the future.

When in the month will my task be completed?

The default delivery expectation for a task is the end of the calendar month in which it is scheduled. If a task is programmed into ‘November’, it will be completed by the last working day of November. This is far speedier than we could guarantee outside of the Evolve framework.

What are the risks to the end-of-month delivery target?

By scheduling at least a month in advance, we can ensure that we have the capacity to meet this target almost all of the time. However, sometimes our progress is dependent on tasks assigned to the client. It is normally these situations where we require your prompt collaboration to help us meet expectations. The most common scenarios are outlined below:

  • Where an element of Sign-Off is required to move through subtasks. If, for example, a task includes the design and development of a feature, we require timely feedback and sign-off on the design phase in order to move on to the development phase.
  • Where agreed access to a client-run tool or system has not been granted.
  • Where agreed purchase of an external tool (eg. a chatbot) required to fulfil a task (eg. configuring the chatbot) has not been made.

Can’t my task be delivered any quicker?

Yes. Prioritisation requests come with an additional hours levy, which increases exponentially depending on how short the deadline is. You can read more about this here.

I’ve changed my mind about a task. Can I remove it, or delay it, and schedule other tasks in its place?

Once a month has begun, we consider that month’s package of work as signed off and locked in. There is the chance that we can still shuffle things around to suit your needs but this is at SMILE’s discretion and may not be possible, especially in cases where work on an agreed task has already begun. Please contact your Account Manager through Live Chat or email at the earliest opportunity if you find yourself in this situation.

Updated on January 30, 2024

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