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How much does an Evolve subscription cost?

You can purchase a number of hours (we refer to these as Evolve hours) to suit your needs. Evolve hours are charged on a monthly basis and subscriptions have a minimum of 7 hours , and a maximum of 35. An Evolve subscription has a minimum term of 12 months

All costs referred to in this article, exclude any applicable taxes

As an Evolve subscriber you will always receive our cheapest hourly rate, regardless of the seniority of the staff working with you. Our highest rate is over £100 per hour and common design and engineering tasks are charged at £80 per hour.

But as an Evolve subscriber, you are only ever being charged at £60 per hour.

Commonly, those with a flagship site looking to utilise Evolve to keep their website up to date, clients will subscribe to 16 Evolve hours (£960 per month / £11,520 per annum)

Clients with smaller sites or networks of blogs, will typically use 9 Evolve hours per month (£540 per month / £6,480 per annum).

A cheaper alternative

For most, an Evolve subscription is a viable alternative to employing a new member of staff. But it becomes a no-brainer when you consider what it would cost to put together a team consisting of designers, researchers, developers, content specialists – all with HE sector-specific insight and experience.

Updated on October 6, 2020

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