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What happens if I don’t use my Evolve hours?


Evolve hours roll over for a maximum of one month. After that, they are removed from your Evolve hours allocation.

But rather than roll them over, why not try something new?

If you’ve got leftover hours we’ve put together a list to inspire you:

2 days

  • A website health-check – see how your website is performing, and get a data-driven critique of your website.
  • Analysis of something specific – Want to know how accessible your new website section is? Let us bring our tools and tell you how you’re doing.
  • A hack day – We’ll prepare a workshop to tackle your latest creative campaign with our digital first mindset. Delivered online or in-person, you call the shots.

1 day

  • Create a Google Data Studio board to keep your team on the same page with important KPIs.
  • Consultation – We’ve helped to guide and advise senior leaders in HE for the last decade. Tell us your problem, and we’ll bring our insight and put it into an executive summary report for you to share, backed with sector-specific examples and citations.
  • Remote user tests – test a new feature, or even a competitor website with a test written by SMILE and undertaken by a persona-matched tester. Complete with an executive summary for your stakeholders.

We have so many clients missing some golden opportunities to make headway on crucial tasks, simply because they are understaffed and overworked. With an Evolve subscription, we’re an extension of your team, ready to take on the bits you don’t have time to but know you probably should be doing.

Updated on October 27, 2021

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