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What can I use Evolve hours on?

Evolve hours can be spent on anything creative that we can help with. We’re a digital-first agency so our experience lies with all things digital, but you may not know that we have some tricks hidden up our sleeves. Our Evolve subscribers commonly use us for:

  • UX Consultancy – High fidelity prototypes
  • Web design – websites and apps, we come up with award winning connected experiences. Need a new section for your website? Let’s talk!
  • Campaign Concepts and Creative – Our knowledge spans further than digital and can help you across a variety of mediums. Need an extra couple of brains to develop that their curve-ball campaign concept? We got you.
  • Messaging – Yep, we can even help you develop copy that pushes boundaries and speaks in an authentic, yet authoritative tone.
  • Web development – Our engineering team can help to integrate a third party API, develop a new feature, or help you get a new digital product online. Heck, even if you just want to talk shop and get some advice on a continuous integration script or critique your current architecture – they can help you make big decisions easily.
  • Training – CMS, content, upskilling your internal design and dev teams. Delivered online, or in-person.

Evolve hours can’t be used for hosting, maintenance or CMS support – that is covered by a separate HappyPress subscription.

Updated on October 6, 2020

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