Adding a guest list

If you have the Data Capture extension, you can also make events private, by adding a guest list. A guest list will only allow a pre-approved list of people to attend the Hijack.

Toggle 'Experience Requires Consent' to 'Yes' to add a guest list
  1. In the Hijack edit screen, first turn on called “Experience Requires Consent”, and then navigate to the Consent tab.
  2. You should then choose a consent form that you would like to use and enable the option called “Experience Is Private” and upload a CSV file to the “CSV of Allowed Users” option. If you have not created a form yet you should do this now, but take note of point 4.
  3. IMPORTANT: Your CSV file must have a column with the explicit header of “uniqueId”. This is the field that will be checked for.
  4. Over in the form builder of your chosen form, make sure you check the option called “Field is Unique Identifier” in the field that you want to check against the “uniqueID” field.
Updated on August 5, 2020

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