Adding active URLs

The final part of the ‘Experience Setup’ section is where you’ll specify the URLs on which the Hijack will sit for the duration of its runtime. Remember, this will need to be URLs owned by your institution. Use the blue ‘Add Row’ button to add more URLs. Hover over the far right column of the table in order to bring up the option to ‘Remove row’. You can specify as few or as many URLs as you like.

For example, you might be running a niche Q&A for current English students which you need to be active on the English department landing page only. Conversely, you could be running an Open Day for postgraduate students which you might find useful to appear on the Postgraduate minisite as well as the home page in order to achieve a wider reach.

Adjusting the margin bottom

On the front end of an Active URL, Hijacks’s pop-up icon appears 180px from the bottom of the browser by default. However, you have the power to customise this. Type in a new value into the ‘Margin Bottom’ field if you’d prefer the icon to appear higher or lower. A common reason for this would be to avoid accidentally blocking important content.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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