Hijack forms

If you have the Data Capture extension, you can enable a form in your Hijack to:

  • collect information about your visitors
  • restrict who can join your experience to a pre-defined guest list

Building your form

The video above shows how to create and add a field to a form.

Start by creating your form. Go to the forms item in the menu and click ‘New Form’.

After you’ve given your new form a title, you’ll see a set of available field types at the right of the page.

Simply drag the type of field you’d like into the centre of the page to add it to your form. If you’re wanting to capture email addresses, for example, drag a ‘Single Line Text’ field into your form and give it a label.

If you want to require visitors to complete a certain field before they submit the form, tick the ‘Required’ box.

Add as many fields as you need and press ‘Update’ to save your form.

Go to ‘Settings’ to change things like the message a guest is sent after they submit the form, who is notified of new form submissions, and how the data sent to the form is saved.

Form settings page

Enabling your form

As shown in the video above, to enable your form, go to your Hijack and switch the ‘Experience Requires Consent’ button to ‘Yes’. This will reveal a new ‘Consent’ tab within the ‘Experience details’ panel.

In the ‘Consent’ tab, select your form to enable it, then save your Hijack.

Once your form is enabled, it will appear when a visitor opens up the Hijack experience for the first time.

How a form appears in a Hijack experience

Using your form with a guest list

If you’re planning to use your form to restrict access to a set list of guests, you’ll need to take 3 additional steps:

  1. create a CSV file with your guest list
  2. set one of your form fields to check against your CSV file
  3. set your experience to private and upload your CSV file

Your CSV file needs to contain a column with the header ‘unique_id’. Enter a unique piece of information about your guests (for example, their email addresses) in this column.

uniqueId column in a CSV file

In your form, choose the field with the information that’s in your guest list CSV and tick the ‘Field is Unique Identifier’ option in that field’s settings.

form field unique identifier option

When a visitor submits the form, Hijack will check whether or not the information in this field is in your guest list file. If not, the visitor will not be allowed to enter the event.

Finally, in the consent tab your Hijack’s experience settings, switch the ‘Event is Private’ option to ‘Yes’. This will reveal a button for uploading your CSV file. Upload your file, save your Hijack and you’re done.

private Hijack experience settings
Updated on October 29, 2020

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