Custom Tabs

An advanced feature of Hijack is “Custom Tabs”. This allows you to embed content from external providers.

It can be added on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and you can add as many custom tabs as you would like.

In your chapter, you can add “Custom tabs” as a “Chapter option”.

Once added, you will see “Custom tabs” as an available section in the left hand menu. From there you can add a new tab. Each tab can then be configured using the fields provided. It’s not as easy as copy and paste, but this will give you absolute control to embed from almost anywhere.

  • Tab title: This is the title that will appear in the menu of tabs in your Hijack.
  • Associated Script URL: If your embed requires any javascript to function, you should paste the URL to this here.
  • Element Text: If your embed requires specific text within a HTML tag, you can enter this here (most don’t though!)
  • HTML Tag Type: You can choose from a selection of html tag types that should match the html tag used in your embed code.
  • Iframe URL: If your embed is an iframe, you can paste the URL in here.
  • Class List: If your embed requires a class to be used, you should add the class name(s) here. Multiple classes can be added with a space in between them.
  • Element ID: If your embed requires an ID to be defined, you can add this here. Multiple IDs can be added with a space in between them.
  • Remove Padding: This is pretty straightforward, but can have a transformative effect on your embed. It will remove the space around your embed. This means it will fill the entire space available.
Updated on November 25, 2020

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