What is Evolve?

Evolve is the SMILE equivalent of a creative services retainer.

Evolve is a new product from SMILE that radically changes the way in which you can get on-going creative services (design, UX, consultancy, web development, insight, research and analysis) at a no-brainer price-point.

At SMILE, we work with clients on projects. More-often-than-not, those are high-value website builds. Throughout our pitch, we’ll tell you that a website is never finished. That’s why we encourage you to keep evolving your website.

Evolve is a natural progression of our post-project workwhere we work closely with our clients on upgrades and enhancements.

As we’ve become busier with an influx of new clients, we’ve had to ask customers to join the back of the queue (and wait for longer than we’d like!) to get their new features. So we’ve designed Evolve to help our clients get the service they require at a price point the love, without needing to wait.

What’s included?

With an Evolve subscription, you get:

  1. Priority access to our team with pre-set days for your work to be undertaken every single month
  2. Our lowest rate available, regardless of the seniority of the team member working on your Evolve days
  3. Access to our award-winning team with specialist education-sector knowledge
  4. Centralised and simplified billing

An Evolve subscription has been designed to wonderfully pair with a HappyPress subscription, particularly if you have monthly consultations enabled.

Updated on October 6, 2020

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