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Add the Hijack javascript snippet to your website

In order for Hijack to be able to target your website using an Active URL, you need to add a javascript snippet to your website.

  1. Log into your instance of Hijack
  2. On the dashboard, look for the “Your embed code” panel, and copy the script tag shown.

You should add this to your website, inside the <body> tag. Ideally, it should be the last item before </body>. It is unique to your instance of Hijack, so please do not copy the examples on this page.

It can be added using Google Tag Manager, this is the recommended way to add Hijack to your site.

  1. Log into Google Tag Manager and navigate to your container attached to your main website.
  2. Create a new Tag, using the Custom HTML option and paste in the embed code.
  1. Set the Tag to trigger using the “All Pages” preset.
  2. Save and publish the container.
  3. Hijack is now available for you to assign Active URLs to!
Updated on February 23, 2021

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