Adding video

Where can I add video?

You can add Video in two different places for use in your Hijack. Most often, you’ll be using the options found in the ‘Video’ tab to configure the background videos when setting up each Chapter. However you can also add a video intro for users to see when they first open your Hijack (before they begin browsing chapters).

Types of video

The system can accommodate both Standard and 360 video files hosted either on the WordPress site itself or on an external platform. Hijack even supports live streams from Facebook and YouTube, which we cover in a separate tutorial here.

Hijack offers the unique possibility of adding a ‘tour’ timeline enhancement to your 2D and 3D videos. Select either ‘2D Tour’ or ‘3D Tour’ to reveal a new set of options below. Please read the article on ‘Adding Spotlights to Video Tours’ for more detailed instructions on this.

Externally, or Hijack-hosted video?

Once you have chosen the relevant video type in the dropdown, use the ‘External Video’ toggle to specify where the video exists. Toggle ‘No’ if the video is to be uploaded to the WordPress Media Library or ‘Yes’ if the video is hosted elsewhere.

If toggled ‘Yes’, the final field will prompt you to type in the URL of the video. If toggled ‘No’, an ‘Add File’ button will appear allowing you to select a previously-uploaded video from the site’s Media Library or to upload a new video from your local computer.

Updated on October 29, 2020

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