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Approving and un-approving messages

It is important to us that our customers have the power to moderate their own live chats. For this reason, all questions asked by your audience come through ‘Unapproved’ by default. This means that no question will be published within your Hijack without your say so.

Within chat threads, unapproved questions are highlighted in yellow – alerting you to the fact that they are not yet published. Hovering over these messages will reveal a set of actions. You can choose to ‘Approve’ the message if you are happy for it to appear on your site as it is, or to ‘Edit’ the message if a user has perhaps included sensitive information in their question or used language you would like to remove from the post.

Alternatively, if you feel the message has no place on your site whatsoever, you have the option to ‘Bin’ the message, which will prevent it appearing on the site and also remove it from the backend for good.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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