Replying in a thread

The Thread Overview screen conveniently displays the initial ‘Message’ that kickstarted a thread and also shows the ‘Latest Reply’ to that topic. We’ve described how you can add a reply from this overview screen.

However, when Live Chat is busy and the ‘Number of Replies’ begins to stretch into double figures, you might want to read through a more detailed history of the chat thread before replying. This could be to check that one of your colleagues has not already provided a sufficient answer for example or to check whether there may have been other questions asked by a prospective student buried in the middle of the thread (we have included a useful ‘Unapproved Reply’ stress bubble so that these cases are easy to identify).

In this case, click on the chat bubble for the thread itself to visit a complete history of that thread, including all questions asked and all response given up to this point.

From this view, either hover over a question to bring up the reply options or click ‘Add Reply’ in order to provide your own response in the familiar WYSIWYG editor.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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