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Filtering chats by Hijack and Chapter

Hijack includes some powerful filtering tools which become especially useful if you are moderating the Live Chat of several separate Hijacks or Chapters at once.

Using the ‘Filter by Hijack’ and ‘Filter by chapter’ drop-downs when viewing any list of threads on the platform, you are able to customise this list depending on which view you find most useful to the task at hand. Some use cases are outlined below:

  1. You want a general overview of all Live Chat activity happening on several separate Hijacks you have running at once. Use the ‘Filter by Hijack’ to load up the thread list for a single Hijack. Update the field and click ‘Filter chat’ again to easily switch between events.
  2. You’ve been assigned to answer questions on a single chapter in a single Hijack. Use a combination of the filter dropdowns to isolate the exact chat, ensuring you only see what is relevant to your task and eliminating the distraction caused by seeing irrelevant new questions landing in your view.
  3. You’re operating on the same chapter but across multiple different Hijacks. This is where the filter becomes incredibly useful. Say your institution has inserted a chapter on ‘Accommodation’ into multiple separate Hijacks but wants you to handle chat on all of them. Easy. Use the ‘Filter by chapter’ dropdown to choose the ‘Accommodation’ chapter and see the questions asked by users visiting that chapter but on all Hijacks it appears within. Now you can answer all Accommodation questions without needing to leave this single view!
Updated on August 5, 2020

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