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SMILE-designed UEA Website wins silver at HEIST awards 2021


We’re absolutely delighted to see the UEA website taking home silver, in the “Best Website” category at the HEIST awards (2021). We were lucky enough to work on the project and provide the design work that was later translated into their proprietary CMS, Liferay.

We were particularly chuffed so see our work called “beautiful”! The bold new homepage, was also recently featured by the wildly popular sector-specific email newsletter by

I’ve been a sucker for space backgrounds ever since Space Jam’s website in 1996, so UEA’s “Space to Seabed” got my attention. Joining more Universities putting their best foot forward for REF 2021, the University has handed over its homepage to championing its research pieces. More institutions are understanding that the homepage is a shop window, not the start of all user journeys.

Kyle Campbell, The Education Marketer

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If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, read a little about our process, or visit the website.