December 2021 updates to SMILE Tools for HE Digital Pro’s

In December 2021, we're bringing you our last update of the year for Content Flow and Hijack.

Content Flow Dashboard

A screenshot of the Content Flow Dashboard

Content Flow has a major new feature. The Content Flow Dashboard now lets users see their content and actions, at a glance.

The dashboard is split into three areas:

  • Requires your review
  • Content requiring your action
  • Other content

Requires your review

If you are a moderator, and posts have been sent to you for approval, they will show in this list. You’ll also be able to see if any other moderators are assigned to the post.

Content requiring further action

Any posts that your the author of you’ll see here, the status will show whether the post has been submitted for review, or whether it’s just a draft.

Other Content

If you’re using the option that allows posts to be assigned to multiple users, this section shows posts that you’ve been added to (but you’re not the owner/author of).

At SMILE we build websites that are used by lots of content editors and with lots of posts. If you’re responsible for a small selection of posts on a massive website, and you don’t log in all that often, the WordPress UI means you’ll spend a lot of time hunting for your posts, rather than editing them. The Content Flow Dashboard pulls together all your assignments across every post type, in one place. This cuts down the cognitive load of finding your posts allowing you to focus on your content.

If you’re running Content Flow, you should update today to take advantage of this and other recent updates. The Content Flow Dashboard can be activated from the Content Flow settings from version 2.2.0+.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Matt Oakley
Matt Oakley