January 2022 updates: Hijack and Content Flow

Search your Hijack messages, create updates without the classic editor, customise emails for Content Flow - and much, much more!

We’re starting the year with a bang, with not one, but two new releases!

Hijack 2.7

Hijack 2.7 is a milestone release, as it now paves the way for a monthly release schedule! This release also brings every feature from the Classic Q&A interface into our updated modern experience. That’s right: Updates can now be made through the new experience!

Create Hijack Q&A Updates, without the classic editor

And it brings brand new features such as message thread search. If you’re got a busy event and want to find a specific thread, you can do so really quickly. No more endless scrolling.

Hijack 2.7 comes with 9 new features, 5 bug fixes and 3 improvements. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to feedback.wearesmile.com – we’re committed to listening to you and making your life even easier!

Read the full Hijack 2.7 release notes here.

Content Flow 2.3

This month, we released version 2.3 of Content Flow. Capitalising on last month’s release of the Content Flow Dashboard, this release brings the ability to customise emails sent by Content Flow.

If you are running the latest version of Content Flow, you can find the new “Emails” Tab on the settings page today.

Content Flow 2.3 has 3 new features, 5 bug fixes and 5 improvements.

Read the full Content Flow 2.3 release notes here.

How to stay up-to-date

Our blog will provide monthly updates, but you can get updates on your favourite SMILE tools, by subscribing to our changelog on feedback.wearesmile.com/changelog.


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