Programmatically create a WordPress User

If you have access to the theme files and you wish to create a new WordPress user without having administrator access, then you can do so via functions.php. Simply use this function: if( null == username_exists( $email_address ) ) { // Generate the password and create the user $password = […]

Using Gulp to Pre-process Sass

The latest version of Lemonade-2015 uses Sass Maps, which are currently unsupported by WP-SCSS. You will need to compile SCSS via another method if you import Lemonade SCSS files that utilise these advanced functions (currently only “_colors.scss”). This tutorial covers using Gulp to compile Sass. Install Node.js Install Gulp Globablly […]

How to Create a Twitter API Client

If you want to pull in data from Twitter, you’ll need to create an “API Client”. This is an authorisation protocol, that allows Virtual Campus to talk to your Twitter account on your behalf. To do this, visit Make sure that you are logged in under the university Twitter account. […]

How to Create an Instagram API Client

Note: We will require to login your instagram account to authorise posting. We can undertake the folloing instructions on your behalf if you would prefer. Please send us your username and password. We suggest that you change your password temporarily for the purposes of us logging in. Once we have completed this […]

How to Create a Google Panorama

First of all, you’ll need a spherical photograph. These are produced by 360 panorama applications. We recommend using your smartphone with an app like Sphere or Photosynth. Sphere is really easy, especially if you have access to our Galileo. Photosynth is a little harder, but generally produces higher-quality results. Once […]

How to use Comments in Virtual Campus

Comments allow a conversation to happen around one topic. This is particularly useful if a question needs to be answered with a questions, therefore prompting further replies. These can be handled as a thread by doing the following. When the question comes in, you can choose to enable comments. To […]