Janet DDOS Attack

We have been informed about a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack taking place on the Janet network (JISC). This affects users at educational and research institutions that use the Janet network infrastructure. This relates to almost all UK universities. Our systems are unaffected by the attack, but it is […]

iOS iFrame Embed Scrolling Bug Workaround

There is a known issue on iOS, when iFrame based embeds are inside of absolutely positioned elements that utilise overflow:hidden; (css) that prevents scrolling if the touchstart event is within the embed. This affects the Virtual Campus sidebar if you use an iFrame based video embed. Dropping this snippet into […]

Re-organising the Sidebar with jQuery

If you feel that you need to reorganise the sidebar in Virtual Campus, then it is possible to do so via a short snippet of jQuery. Warning: This tutorial is for advanced users. If you are not sure what you are doing, please open a support ticket, where a SMILE […]

Xmas Closure 2015

This year SMILE will close for Christmas from 18th December through to the 4th January. Telephone, Email and Video support channels will be limited (best-effort) during this time. Our incident response team is not affected during this time and are ready to jump in on critical incidents 24/7. If you […]

Programmatically create a WordPress User

If you have access to the theme files and you wish to create a new WordPress user without having administrator access, then you can do so via functions.php. Simply use this function: if( null == username_exists( $email_address ) ) { // Generate the password and create the user $password = […]

Using Gulp to Pre-process Sass

The latest version of Lemonade-2015 uses Sass Maps, which are currently unsupported by WP-SCSS. You will need to compile SCSS via another method if you import Lemonade SCSS files that utilise these advanced functions (currently only “_colors.scss”). This tutorial covers using Gulp to compile Sass. Install Node.js Install Gulp Globablly […]

How to Create a Twitter API Client

If you want to pull in data from Twitter, you’ll need to create an “API Client”. This is an authorisation protocol, that allows Virtual Campus to talk to your Twitter account on your behalf. To do this, visit  https://apps.twitter.com/ Make sure that you are logged in under the university Twitter account. […]

How to Create an Instagram API Client

Note: We will require to login your instagram account to authorise posting. We can undertake the folloing instructions on your behalf if you would prefer. Please send us your username and password. We suggest that you change your password temporarily for the purposes of us logging in. Once we have completed this […]

How to Create a Google Panorama

First of all, you’ll need a spherical photograph. These are produced by 360 panorama applications. We recommend using your smartphone with an app like Sphere or Photosynth. Sphere is really easy, especially if you have access to our Galileo. Photosynth is a little harder, but generally produces higher-quality results. Once […]