It is really simple to feature Testimonials in your Hijack. However, if you haven’t already read the guides on compiling Testimonial entries, we’d recommend you do so if the below does not make sense. This is because this feature ‘pulls in’ single entries from the Testimonial database which you will need to begin compiling before you can add entries here. If you already have some Testimonial entries compiled, please read on.

As the above video demonstrates, you can feature Testimonials to your Hijack inside the ‘Testimonials’ tab of the Hijack’s setup page. Simply click inside of the empty field here and choose the relevant Testimonial in the dropdown. Your database of Testimonials will likely be a lot bigger than ours here! In this case, you can begin typing in this field and the dropdown list will update with Testimonials relevant to your search. Click on a Testimonial title to feature it in your Hijack. You can add as many Testimonials as you like here. You can also remove a Testimonial by clicking the ‘x’ on the lefthand side of its name in the field.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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