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Helping DELTA Trust replace their network of school websites

The DELTA Academies Trust were looking to replace their current network of over 50 primary and secondary school websites.

DELTA Academies Trust is a multi-academy sponsor based across Yorkshire. In total, the trust sponsors around 50 academies from both primary and secondary levels. DELTA operates as a single multi-academy sponsor and in that capacity is one employer across all the Academies which it sponsors.

The team at SMILE have brought brilliant knowledge and understanding to our project. As a Trust we are now working towards a cutting edge system for our 50+ website network with more in the works to cover all service areas of the Trust. This project has been a huge undertaking for colleagues across the Trust and the SMILE team have been very reactive to queries that have been raised throughout. We are certain that our new and improved online presence will provide a more positive way of engaging with our communities across the Region.

Gemma Scothern, Director of Operations
A mockup of the Delta Trust homepage

On behalf of DELTA, we constructed a new network of sites. At the core of the network is a central website that will hold much of the business information for the trust. Individual primary and secondary academy sites will all be built around a semi-flexible template. The academy sites provide each institution with a place for their own specific content and the ability to make whatever customisations they see fit.

This was a project that required the SMILE team to take an interesting approach. Because of the vast number of sub-sites, it was important to create a framework that allowed variation but was also easy for less computer-savvy individuals to use.

The system we created allows content to appear in more than one place on the network. Instead of duplicating content across multiple sites, a user can post content in one location and then push it to any sites where it needs to display. Functionality like this can help on projects of this scale because it offers a single source of truth and makes it easier to manage content going forward.

Elliott Barnicle
Elliott Barnicle

Lead Designer