How we helped Falmouth University restructure their homepage and navigation

We embarked upon a project of research and recommendation, to focus on homepage and global navigation suggestions. falmouth university
Falmouth Mockup falmouth university

Back in 2018 we helped Falmouth University with the design of a new website. In 2020 we were delighted to hear back from them looking at some evolutionary changes. We embarked upon a project of research and recommendation. Our focus was to make suggestions on the homepage and the global navigation.

Working with the team at Falmouth University, we:

  • developed a new look and feel for the homepage
  • aligned with their updated brand.

We’ve made suggestions to install an off-canvas menu. This will provide more space to advertise sections of their website better. The information architecture has been restructured too, based on our research. These changes will empower users to get to their destination easier.

Matt Lees
Matt Lees

Co-founder at SMILE and Prospectus Plus.