Matt Lees

Matt Lees

Co-founder at SMILE and Prospectus Plus.

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How does the cost of virtual events stack up against real-world events?

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Universities have long made use of online events in some form. But a scramble to replace real-world events has seen a spike in new institutions jumping on board. Was this only a response to COVID-19 or should we expect to see virtual events stick around? Will they become a more permanent feature? Will universities see the benefit as a long-term addition to their recruitment activities? We examine one of the reasons why online events offer a long-term addition - cost.

Online vs Real World Open Days

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COVID-19 has left universities with no option but to turn to virtual events as a replacement for their real-world events. But they’re not a like-for-like replacement. This post looks at some of the key considerations for those looking to run virtual events.