Introducing Border Control – the solution to your content governance woes

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At SMILE, we’ve been designing and building websites for the education sector for over a decade. 

That decade has taught us a lot. Recent years have seen our experience develop into a suite of education-specific products and plugins. 

Until now those developments have largely been kept under wraps. Internally, we’ve been using them, learning from them and refining them. Now we’re ready to release them to the world. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a new plugin each month. One of our first releases will be Border Control

Border Control is a content governance workflow plugin for WordPress. It is engineered to offer greater control over the creation and management of content.

Enterprise-scale websites need a lot of content. But how do universities manage content creation at scale? Delegation comes with risk, and governing this can be tricky. If you turn a blind eye, then very quickly your website will turn into a wild west where content is up for grabs by anyone.

Border Control removes risk. Customisable role controls give you back the confidence to share the load across teams. In a typical Border Control workflow, content has a designated owner as well as editors and publishers. Content can be written and modified by editors, but only published by a publisher. 

Streamlining the initial creation stage is one benefit. But a good website maintains a high turnover of content. Distributing content management across your institution helps with this too. Gone are the days of all requests going through a single, small, and overworked team. 

Newman University is a great example of how Border Control offers an upgrade to a university’s content governance. Previously, all website requests came through a single person. Now, Border Control has enabled Newman to share the creation and management of content across a much wider team.

Border Control also has version control, content expiry settings, robust reporting and more. You can read more here. Got questions? No problem, reach out to our team here.

We’re readying more plugins for public release so keep an eye out for more updates soon. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list below to keep up to date!

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Matt Lees

Matt is the Creative Director at SMILE.