Embracing Google Web Stories for Morley College London

SMILE looks into ways that Morley College can promote their expanding offer using a new technology - web stories, by Google.
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As the Morley College offer expanded towards to end of 2020, the team were eager to look into ways that they could effectively integrate and display the college’s growth on their newly launched website. Google Web Stories were the answer.

We worked with the team at Morley College to understand their evolving brand and build a suite of web stories that conveyed the message of what the college had to offer the 16-18-year-olds of Chelsea and North Kensington.

Below you can see one of the stories built for Fashion @ Chelsea. Using colours, shapes and new photography, we were able to bring their content to life and display it in a way that is familiar to many popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Take a look at the web stories in action via the Morley College website! As part of this piece of work, we designed an archive page where all the stories sit and are accessible to the public. We also helped Morley College create supporting pages around this central focus archive page.

Is this something you’d like to implement on your website? Get in touch and we can arrange how we can best help you!

Elliott Barnicle
Elliott Barnicle

Lead Designer

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