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Why is my video not showing on Apple mobile devices?

You may face difficulty using mp4 videos in Hijack, when viewing from an Apple Mobile device (iPad, iPhone) if the bitrate of the video is too high.

Videos that are uploaded to Hijack should be optimised for usage on the web.

When we are engaged with content production support, we do 2 key things that help to make videos a seamless experience:

  • Rescale to 720p resolution
  • Set the bitrate to a maximum of 7000000 bits/s

Ideally, you should run all video that is being uploaded to Hijack through some ‘post-processing’ that will ensure it’s readiness for the web. We are looking into the feasibility of automating this, similar to how YouTube does this.

If you’re video is being produced by an external video expert/company, you should get them to provide you with an output that has a 720p resolution and a maximum bitrate of 7000000 bits/s.

If you are not working with a video expert/company, you could do this yourself with free tools like Handbrake (MacOS).

Alternatively, our professional services team can convert your videos for you, based on our per-event support costs. For more information, please start a support ticket.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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