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7th DECEMBER 2021

Everything will be fine…

Highlights from university marketing’s post-lockdown return and predictions for 2022

That pain in the back of your neck? It’s whiplash from being thrown ten years into the future.

Post-lockdown, we’ve woken up in 2030: Hybrid open days, online teaching, and remote work are the new standards – but how is it impacting marketing? And which universities are emerging as the winners of this new age?

Join Kyle Campbell (Education Marketer) and Nathan Monk (SMILE) for a recap of the last six months in HE marketing and some predictions for 2022, including who’s on track to clean up at the next HEIST Awards.

We will be streaming this post-lockdown marketing on YouTube Live

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Perfect for those in:

  • Executive Management
    Stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations and how you can leverage them in your teams efforts
  • Content Writers and Marketing Officers
    Learn about
    new campaigns that students have been receptive to.
  • Creatives
    Explore examples that you’ll be inspired by.

Guest Speaker:

Kyle Campbell Education Marketer 1 post-lockdown marketing webinar,webinar

Kyle Campbell

Kyle is an education marketer and content strategist. Some call him a web man. Kyle also runs a popular fortnightly newsletter about what’s happening in higher education, digital marketing, and tech.

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Nathan Monk
I'm proud to work for some of the world’s most influential brands that shape cities and define lives: Universities and colleges. I provide advice to forward-thinking senior leaders on how to exceed their organisational targets by creating user-focused, digital-first strategies.