Virtual Open Days

With COVID-19 forcing the majority of the world into quarantine and lockdown, the education sector has been left unable to carry out their scheduled events. Open Days are just one example of those affected events.
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With the scramble to produce something digital, there are many different ways in which institutions are bringing their content to prospective students. We’ve been keeping an eye on the online events scene, and have picked out a few examples:

Static Pages as seen at Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett Static Page Open Day 2

For many institutions, this type of open day can be achieved quickly. Existing website components and content can be utilised to achieve an on-brand result in a short period of time.

All the necessary content, ranging from image galleries to video libraries can be included to enhance the user experience.

360 Experience as seen at John Hopkins University

John Hopkins 360 Experience

This style of open day can be amazing. But, to make them amazing can take a lot of initial setup, and ideally a beautiful campus! Whether choosing to use 360 videos or photos, a 360 camera rig will be required to capture at a high enough resolution.

Overlaying important information about the campus, key contacts, and more help to make the experience more than a collection of attractive images, but in our opinion, still doesn’t offer the best user experience.

Finally, we have our proposed solution; SMILE’s Hijack.

SMILE Hijack

Hijack combines elements from the two examples above and creates an experience that can vary depending on the content available to the institute.

Hijack can live on pages that already exist on your website and acts as an overlay to that page (no sub-site required). There is a multitude of content types housed within the Hijack system including a live chat in which users can ask questions, reply to threads all within one window.

Elliott Barnicle
Elliott Barnicle

Lead Designer