WordPress content governance tool adds Gutenberg support

Border Control from SMILE has added support for Gutenberg, allowing users to submit content for review to peers and line-managers with ease.
The user interface for our content governance tool that shows how the "Publish" button is replaced with a "Submit for Review" button

Back in 2019, we presented a concept for content governance for WordPress at WPCampus (Portland, USA). Then in early 2020, we released Border Control as an open-source project. Since then we’ve been getting feedback helping us to refine the plugin. The biggest feature request was Gutenberg support, which is now available in our latest release!

We’re also considering a name change. We’re hearing that the name “Border Control” doesn’t always conjure up a positive first impression. From a company called SMILE, we’d hate your first impression to be a frown.

We have 3 front-runners:

  • Copilot
  • Second sight
  • Border Flow

Which do you think would be best? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Nathan Monk
Nathan Monk

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