Workshop Wednesday for CMN on Personalisation

On 26th April 2023, the CMN hosted a roundtable discussion and trends presentation on digital personalisation in education, led by Prospectus Plus. The session brought together our good friend, Kyle Campbell, to share their insights on the latest trends and best practices for creating personalised digital experiences for students.

Digital personalisation is transforming the way students engage with their education. From personalised learning paths to targeted student support, educators are leveraging data and technology to create personalised experiences that improve learning outcomes and student satisfaction. In this session, our panelists discussed how educators can effectively use digital personalisation to deliver better educational experiences.

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The session began with an overview of the latest trends in digital personalisation in education, followed by a deep dive into best practices for creating personalised learning experiences. Our panelists shared their experiences in leveraging data and technology to deliver targeted support to students, personalise learning paths, and improve engagement.

The session also included a roundtable discussion, where panelists shared their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of digital personalisation in education, based on a poll that we ran during the session. From data privacy concerns to the need for more customisable platforms, our panelists explored the key issues facing educators in creating personalised digital experiences.

For those who missed the session, the recording and slides are now available for reference.

Whether you’re an educator, a school administrator, or simply interested in the latest trends in digital personalisation for education, this session provides valuable insights into the future of personalised digital experiences in education. We thank our panelists for sharing their expertise, and we look forward to continuing the conversation on digital personalisation in education.