We believe that universities should strive to become more personal, timely and authentic in their communications. Hijack is a recruitment tool designed to facilitate this.

We’re not big advocates for the term ‘virtual open day’. We don’t believe that an online tool can fully replace the experience of a campus visit. It’s a little like watching a concert on TV: you don’t quite get the full atmosphere. However we recognise the different stages involved in choosing the right university. We understand that there is a step in this cycle, that sits ahead of attending campus in person. The point at which prospects are narrowing their search and getting an understanding of what they want to get out of university. 

Hijack has a suite of views covering the questions that prospects might have about you:

  • 360 image and video
  • Gallery view 
  • Weather view
  • Courses
  • People profiles
  • Locations
  • And perhaps most important of all, live chat

Combine this list of views with SMILE’s overlay technology and you have a very powerful tool. 

Having worked with a lot of universities, we’ve seen the same problem when it comes to ‘virtual open days’. More often than not they’re buried somewhere deep in the site, relying on users to stick around long enough to stumble across them. 

We were keen to address this so we challenged our tech team, and they came up with a brilliant solution. Hijack is different from the rest, thanks to a neat piece of code that allows an open day to positioned on any page of any website, using a live chat-style button alongside an event call to action. That’s right, your open days are no longer hidden.

The overlay technology also means you can be targeted in your event planning. Gone are the days where an event needs to be all things to all people. If you have some keen academics in your Business school, you could run a business specific event, and have the event call to action appearing on all business related courses for example.