Zoom and Teams calls in Hijack: Now possible with “Scheduled Events”

This new feature in Hijack, allows you promote Zoom and Teams calls in Hijack. This drives traffic into high-conversion opportunities.

We’ve launched a brand new feature in Hijack called “Scheduled Events”. From listening to feedback, we found that most of our customers were using the “About” panel to promote an event schedule. Some were better than others. Our aim is to make online event creation accessible for everyone – regardless of their skillset. And that’s why we created a dedicated way to create a schedule. But we didn’t stop there. One of the most requested features is Teams and Zoom integration. That’s right: Zoom and Teams calls in Hijack.

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We’re working towards a native Zoom integration, but Teams isn’t feasible right now. Microsoft is clear that it wants all Teams activity to happen inside of its Teams apps. So we found another way to put your Teams calls into the spotlight and make them unmissable.

A look at the notification system on Hijack to show when new events are going live

Now in Hijack, you can add an event to your schedule. When you set up an event, you can say when it starts and ends. And you can enter an event URL. For prospective students, when they are in your Hijack and the event (let’s say your Teams call) is approaching, a notification will appear on screen. This prominent notification includes the details of your event and makes the Teams call just one click away.

Scheduled Events make Hijack the ‘hub’ for your online open day activities. It’s available in Hijack right now. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert advisors about how to best take advantage of Scheduled Events, just drop us a line on live chat on the Hijack dashboard.

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Special thanks to the University of Sunderland for piloting this development in their 2021 undergraduate open day

Hijack is a product from SMILE, designed specifically to address the needs of universities for running online events. We’re excited to have launched Zoom and Teams calls in Hijack – but there’s so much more. Here are just some of the institutions running Hijack today:

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